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Ukraine Emergency Response update May 2022

Mentor at work

For nearly 20 years The MENTOR Initiative has responded to global humanitarian emergencies by delivering evidence-based disease control to saves lives and reduce suffering.

Now, MENTOR is focusing its unique skillset to lead and manage the procurement, supply and distribution of medical supplies and medicines to assist with the conflict in Ukraine.

A team of three MENTOR staff are coordinating a large network of commercial transport and warehouses to get life-saving medical supplies and medicines to hospitals and clinics, and support the precarious health system.

Working closely with health officials and the Chamber of Commerce they ensure priority medicines and supplies are getting to where they are most needed. This incredible emergency programme is being funded by Americares, the major health-focussed relief and development organisation.

It is estimated around 6 million people are internally displaced, with most fleeing into the safer central and western regions. Many are suffering physical trauma and needing surgery, as well as healthcare for long-term health conditions. This has put enormous pressure on the 2000 health facilities in the area, which urgently need a regular, rapid supply of medical supplies.

An Americare’s shipment of medical supplies worth $3.6million has already arrived in the Ukraine. Together with the health administration, MENTOR is preparing to distribute them to health facilities across the west, and to conflict areas in the east of the country. A fleet of 20-tonne trucks will transport the supplies to clinics and health facilities, which are being provided by Ukrainian businesses to support the conflict.

Already MENTOR has delivered over $500,000 worth of supplies to hospitals dealing with complicated surgery patients fleeing the east of the country.

Richard Allan, CEO, The MENTOR Initiative, said: “Since the beginning, our aim has been to change lives and prevent suffering in a major disaster by listening and understanding how we can best serve the situation – and adapt our expertise to make a profound difference.

“After making contact with health authorities in Ukraine, and hearing what was needed, we offered our services developed from years of disease control and management in humanitarian emergencies caused by conflict and natural disasters.

“This is a crisis that is on our doorstep and we are doing whatever it takes to efficiently mobilise and deploy our network to get critical medical supplies and medicines to where they are urgently needed.”