Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented social and humanitarian crisis that has resulted in one of the biggest migration movements the world has ever seen. The population that remained in Venezuela is the most vulnerable – often the very young and old – and has limited access to basic services.

One of the diseases that thrives in environment with poor sanitary conditions is dengue fever, which has been endemic to most of the country and results in a high number of deaths.

Since October 2021, The MENTOR Initiative has been delivering a Dengue Control Programme through a network of health facilities in seven states of Venezuela.

Main activities:

  • Training health professionals on managing vector borne disease case management.
  • Improvements to water and sanitation to provide access to safe water.
  • Information, Education and Communication: home visits to deliver messages about dengue, hygiene promotion and vector control (keeping the household free from mosquitoes).
  • Distribution of water tanks and taps for water containers.
  • Activities in schools to raise awareness of hygiene promotion and vector control.
Visiting people at their homes to talk about dengue prevention and hygiene promotion.