MENTOR began working in Liberia in 2003 and trained several thousand health workers in the 15 counties to increase their technical capacity at a national level.

MENTOR has helped to manage infectious diseases such as Ebola, through improved surveillance, effective IPC (Infection and prevention control) practices, differential diagnosis and case management.

During the Ebola outbreak, MENTOR integrated a consolidated response approach by building effective differential diagnosis and triage for Ebola, Lassa fever as well as malaria and other priority conditions.

New prevention method: Durable Wall Lining Study
Durable lining (DL) was originally a deltamethrin-impregnated polyethylene material, which is designed to cover domestic walls that would normally be sprayed with residual insecticide (IRS). But due to the rapid development of insecticide resistance in West Africa, deltamethrin and all other insecticides of the same chemical class, became relatively ineffective by 2012. As a consequence, after an intense period of research and development by the creators of DL, new active ingredients from classes of chemistry not previously used in mosquito control, were discovered and developed into a new generation of DL. With this new DL, MENTOR is now delivering a full scale real life (Phase III). This aims to develop an evidence base for DL’s feasibility, effectiveness, acceptability and durability of DL, this will inform national policy and development.