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MENTOR’s integrated vector-borne disease control training focuses on evidence-based strategies and best practice to increase the capacity of organisations to address diseases.

MENTOR provides training on integrated vector-borne disease control to UN agencies, government agencies and partner organisations. 

We share our experience and knowledge to increase the capacity of organisations to address vector-borne diseases and neglected tropical diseases. Through this collaborative approach, we focus on evidence-based strategies and best practices in disease prevention and control.

Our flagship training programme is a comprehensive five-day workshop that combines theoretical sessions, practical demonstrations and interactive learning experiences. This workshop covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • Vector biology
  • Disease surveillance and monitoring
  • Vector control interventions
  • Case management
  • Community engagement. 

By providing a holistic training experience, participants gain a thorough understanding of the complexities of vector-borne diseases and develop the skills to implement effective control measures.

Through training, we aim to build a network of professionals who contribute to the sustainable control and elimination of vector-borne diseases. By facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration, together we can strengthen efforts to tackle these diseases and improve the health and wellbeing of communities worldwide.