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Community health worker training in Central African Republic is helping improve malnutrition

The MENTOR Initiative recently completed a five-day training on nutrition for 60 community health workers (CHWs) and 10 health personnel in communities and health facilities around Paoua, Central African Republic, to help improve the treatment of malnourished children and prevent malnutrition. This training included: “This training is an important step to improve the treatment of […]

World NTD Day 2024

The MENTOR Initiative has been working to reduce the burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases for around 13 years across a wide range of contexts. Conflict, displacements, flooding, and a lack of infrastructure are some of the challenges our teams have faced to ensure NTD control activities reach underserved communities with limited access to healthcare.  Working […]

Integrating NTD control into community-based healthcare in Central African Republic

A pilot project to diagnose and treat Human African Trypanossomiasis (HAT) recently began in Batangafo and Kabo Districts, Central African Republic. Community health workers, health care providers and traditional practitioners from local areas were trained to carry out the testing, which forms part of the community health strategy for the Ministry of Health. During the first […]

Community-based healthcare for crisis-affected communities in Central African Republic

A network of community health workers (CHWs) is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic by delivering critical primary healthcare to vulnerable communities affected by ongoing conflict in the country. Since 2008, this network of 450 CHWs has allowed The MENTOR Initiative to navigate violence and insecurity to reach communities in fragile areas […]

Community healthcare for women in Central African Republic

A network of women is providing essential health services to other women in their communities, in three of the most vulnerable and conflict affected prefectures in Central African Republic (CAR). Called Female Focal Points (FFP), it was formed after a study of Community Health Workers (CHWs) in 2016 found women were not always comfortable approaching […]

Primary Healthcare in the community

The MENTOR Initiative provides life-saving primary healthcare for displaced, vulnerable and hard to reach communities through the training and support of Community Health Workers (CHWs). In the past year we have trained and provided support to over 3,000 community health workers across our programmes in Central African Republic, Mozambique, Angola, Syria and Venezuela. Community health […]