How malaria surveillance is maintaining low transmission rates in Angola

There is a serious risk of low malaria transmission in southern Angola reverting back to previous high rates if progress made in case management and surveillance is not maintained. A reduction in activities also puts malaria elimination efforts in neighbouring countries at risk. MENTOR began supporting National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and local governments in […]

Malaria behaviour study in Angola

The National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) of Angola and Breakthrough ACTION project led a meeting recently to discuss the initial results from a Malaria Behaviour Survey conducted in three provinces between March and April 2023. The survey aims to understand the behaviours and perceptions of the general population towards malaria prevention, treatment, risks, and consequences.  […]

Community-based deworming campaign launched in two provinces in Angola

A Mass Drug Administration (MDA) campaign targeting the two most prevalent Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in Angola was launched last week (29 March). For the first time in the country, deworming treatments are being administered to children outside of schools and adults at the community level. This new approach makes sure the drugs used to […]

Malaria survey in Angola

A survey to collect key data about malaria-related behaviours across three provinces in Angola will be conducted in 2,000 households over the next two months. Nearly 60 surveyors and supervisors have been trained to carry out the work. The training included theory as well as practical exercises in the field, to improve their understanding of […]

Sharing best practice at the Neglected Tropical Diseases Conference, September 2022

The MENTOR Initiative, a sponsor of the Neglected Tropical Diseases NGO Network (NNN) conference, attended in person to share experiences and best practice with implementing partners and national NTD programmes. MENTOR is an active member of NNN and contributed to some of the cross-cutting groups that met. The theme of the conference: NTDs in health […]

Primary Healthcare in the community

The MENTOR Initiative provides life-saving primary healthcare for displaced, vulnerable and hard to reach communities through the training and support of Community Health Workers (CHWs). In the past year we have trained and provided support to over 3,000 community health workers across our programmes in Central African Republic, Mozambique, Angola, Syria and Venezuela. Community health […]

Training to improve malaria control in southern Angola

The MENTOR Initiative is supporting the training of 250 health workers (doctors, nurses and lab and pre-natal service technicians) and 120 Community Health Workers in malaria case management and surveillance, monitoring and evaluation in the southern Angolan provinces of Cunene and Cuando Cubango. The training, which is key to support the elimination of malaria in […]

Mapping Soil-Transmitted Helminths and Schistosomiasis in Angola: An Overview

Para ler em Português, clique aqui The MENTOR Initiative in collaboration with the Angolan National NTD Control Program, the Kirby Institute of the University of New South Wales Sydney, and the Expanded Special Project for Elimination Neglected Tropical Diseases (ESPEN), with support from The End Fund is working to understand the impact of a 5 […]