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Community health worker training in Central African Republic is helping improve malnutrition

The MENTOR Initiative recently completed a five-day training on nutrition for 60 community health workers (CHWs) and 10 health personnel in communities and health facilities around Paoua, Central African Republic, to help improve the treatment of malnourished children and prevent malnutrition. This training included: “This training is an important step to improve the treatment of […]

Supporting essential community-based healthcare in northern Mozambique

In northern Mozambique MENTOR is supporting a network of 305 community health workers, or Agentes Polivalentes de Saúde (APS), to provide essential and continuous health services to people affected by conflict and violence in the region. In Cabo Delgado Province, more than 800,000 people are estimated to have been internally displaced due to armed conflict […]

Tackling malnutrition in communities displaced by conflict in northern Mozambique

Ongoing conflict and the forced displacement of more than 800,000 people in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique has led to a humanitarian crisis in the region. Communities have limited access to food, income and healthcare whilst children under 5 are vulnerable to infectious diseases and malnutrition. A survey* in 2022 showed chronic malnutrition levels exceeded 53 per […]

Supply chain support

MENTOR supports supply chains in countries to make sure essential medical supplies reach remote areas which are not served by existing systems.

Training and supervision

Training and supervision to community health workers provides the skills and knowledge needed to effectively deliver healthcare.

Community health workers

Support to Community Health Workers through training and capacity building helps ensure healthcare in complex, challenging situations.

Access to quality healthcare

Access to high quality healthcare is critical to reduce deaths from tropical diseases and improve health in humanitarian and post-crisis contexts.

Refresher training for community health workers in northern Mozambique

The MENTOR team in Mozambique has been delivering refresher training to health teams and technicians over the past few weeks, in partnership with the Provincial Health Directorate in Cabo Delgado Province. The APS refresher training and the subsequent technical support they will receive is essential to improve access to quality health care for people in […]

Community-based healthcare for crisis-affected communities in Central African Republic

A network of community health workers (CHWs) is responding to the humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic by delivering critical primary healthcare to vulnerable communities affected by ongoing conflict in the country. Since 2008, this network of 450 CHWs has allowed The MENTOR Initiative to navigate violence and insecurity to reach communities in fragile areas […]

World Health Day 2023

MENTOR works in countries with the highest disease burden and where millions of people are at risk of sickness and death. In these complex humanitarian crises, innovative and integrated solutions help to ensure health really is for all. Some of the ways we deliver healthcare and disease control to hard-to-reach populations: For more details please […]