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World Health Day 2023

MENTOR works in countries with the highest disease burden and where millions of people are at risk of sickness and death. In these complex humanitarian crises, innovative and integrated solutions help to ensure health really is for all.

Some of the ways we deliver healthcare and disease control to hard-to-reach populations:

  • Train or support over 3,000 community health workers who help treat and prevent diseases like malaria, as well as improve health in their communities.
  • Improve water, sanitation and hygiene in remote, vulnerable or displaced communities to protect against vector- and water-borne diseases such as dengue fever and cholera.
  • Support the supply and distribution of medical supplies and medicines to clinics, health workers and health facilities, needed to diagnose and treat diseases such as malaria and leishmaniasis.
  • Train and equip community members to carry out large-scale indoor residual spraying to protect people from vector-borne diseases.

For more details please visit the programme news page.

MENTOR has been involved in humanitarian crises to reduce death and suffering from tropical diseases since 2002. Today, we are as committed to reaching those who urgently need access to healthcare, providing life-saving treatment and protection from the most harmful and deadly diseases in the world.